The Nonnative English Speakers in TESOL (abbreviated as ‘NNEST’ and pronounced as /ɛnˈnɛst/ or en-nest) Interest Section serves as a focus for the interaction of members who share a common interest in a wide variety of issues concerning native and non-native English-speaking professionals in TESOL. It creates a venue for identifying and addressing NNEST-related issues and faciliating communication and networking both among IS members and those of TESOL at large.

The Interest Section aims to
      • Promote, develop, and advance academic and professional awareness of the role of NNEST professionals in the field
      • Stimulate scholarship, research, and professional development by sponsoring special projects, sessions at the TESOL Convention, and publications
      • Create a nondiscriminatory professional environment for all TESOL members regardless of native language, race, and place of birth
      • Enhance and empower the professional growth of its members
      • Serve as an advocate and resources for NNEST communities and individuals in professional matters

Being one of the most diverse of all interest sections within TESOL International Association, the NNEST Interest Section (NNEST IS) is the institutionalized home base and the intellectual space of the NNEST movement. The establishment and activities of the NNEST IS spearheaded the formation of other NNEST-related entities within local TESOL affiliates including the WATESOL’s (Washington Area TESOL) NNEST Caucus, and the CATESOL (California TESOL) NNLEI–Nonnative Language Educators Interest Group.

Awareness and Advocacy

NNEST IS promotes awareness and advocacy among all TESOL professionals.

Equity and Professionalism for All

NNEST IS prioritizes such values as collaboration, participation, equity, justice and professionalism

Moving beyond Discrimination

NNEST IS aims to build a non-discriminatory professional environment for all TESOL members regardless of native language, race, ethnicity, gender, religion and place of birth.